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The First Woman to Fly
The First Woman to Fly

She soared effortlessly over the terrain.
Amid the clouds she drifted in the air.
As slender as a reed on a river bank.
Fields of people staring, everywhere.

She’d lost a lot of weight you see.
But her bingo wings refused to leave.
Gossamer thin, delicate and sheer.
Stretched from her armpit to her sleeve.

These bingo wings did the trick for her.
A gentle run and stretching of arms.
She was airborne in next to no time.
Surveying towns, villages and farms.

A freak of nature, one might say.
The perfect storm created her flight.
Her weight, her wings, her courage
Got her in the sky, as high as a kite.

She says she’s met The Snowman,
Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes.
The Red Baron, John Denver,
And star of Top Gun, Tom Cruise.

She lands with just a gentle trot.
He bingo wings tucked into her side.
She prefers to land on a local beach
But makes sure it’s low tide.

She’s out flying the skies daily now.
Soaking up every last drop of fun.
The first woman to self-propel.
A tattoo proves it, No 1 is on her bum.

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