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The Conversation
The Conversation

Molly: Where have you been today?
Jess: Just here in the Park.
Molly: Isn’t this your usual haunt?
Jess: Yep, it is. I’m getting a bit bored with it really.
Looking toward him
Molly: Is he always with you?
Jess: Yes, never on my own.
Molly: I have to say I can’t ever remember seeing you without him.
Jess: He loves his walking. He’s out morning, noon and night and invariably he insists I go
with him.
She looks around and then gets closer
Molly: Is he affectionate?
Jess: Most of the time to be fair. He’s forever touching me. He incessantly tickles me. He
thinks it’s fun, but a lot of the time I don’t.
Molly: He’s like mine then.
She lowers her voice to a whisper
Molly: Tell me, does he like to take the lead?
Jess: Yes, that’s his usual way.
Molly: Does he likes to dominate then?
Jess: Yes, very much so. He likes to be the boss. He insists I do what he says.
Molly: Yes it is. Has he ever shouted at you?
Jess: Quite often actually,
Molly: Oh dear. Don’t you ever feel like just running away?
Jess: I’ll be honest, I’ve tried it once or twice, but he’s always enticed me back.
Molly: Yes, they are good at that.
She uses a strident voice
Molly: Does he give you any stick?
Jess: Yes, daily. But I love it.
Molly: Yes, me too. There it goes, he’s just thrown mine. Must go and fetch it.
Glancing back
Molly: Lovely to see you, keep well. Hope to see you again, soon.

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