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The Charity Shop
The Charity Shop

Aladdin’s Cave, Pandora’s Box, Mary Poppin’s bag.
A place to get anything, including a Russian flag.
A treasure trove, a cornucopia, a gold mine.
Really helpful to anyone nearing the breadline.
A hoard, the spoils, a harvest, a stockpile.
Those lovely volunteers always with a smile.
Memorabilia, artifacts, collectables, a stash.
A place you might even find a false moustache.
The unwanted, the superfluous, the discarded.
Where hand-me-downs are well regarded.
Antiquities, a house clearance, the mother lode.
Dreaming of finding a piece of priceless Spode.
The second hands, the redundant, just junk.
Discovering decent shoes your size – slam dunk!

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