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The Baby Was So Big
The Baby Was So Big

Her baby wouldn’t fit in the pram
His mum took him out in a barrow
She’d leave the baby outside shops
The doorways were far too narrow

The baby became too big for the barrow
She put it in a pull-along truck
It was fine until the chassis collapsed
And the baby and the truck were stuck

When the baby grew to be enormous
She called on a friend with a van
But trying to get the baby in the back
Was a job too big for just one man

The army had to transport the child
Too and from school each day
On a heavy equipment transporter
The school widened it’s doorway

As the child grew bigger and bigger still
The RAF helped lift it with a chopper
They struggled but managed the task
They’d never lifted such a whopper

The RAF saw this work as great PR
They flew the baby where it needed to go
But sadly, one day the chopper crashed
And the baby ended up in the sea below

To all you budding babies out there
Be warned about growing to be gigantic
You wouldn’t want the Royal Air Force
To carelessly drop you in the Atlantic

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