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The Alternative Christmas Dinner
The Alternative Christmas Dinner

Breast of turkey, brussels sprouts, roasties,
Is what you’ll be having at Christmas I know.
What about people sleeping on the street.
Imagine their Christmas if it begins to snow.

They won’t be enjoying a Christmas dinner.
Maybe just some soup and a bread roll.
Perhaps a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
They’ll eat while cross legged on a bedroll.

As you enjoy Christmas pud and brandy sauce,
Those in war torn countries won’t be so blessed.
They’ll finish their meal with thanks and prayers.
That they got to Christmas after being so hard-pressed.

A glass of port, prosecco, a drop of brandy,
Will be raised in your house on Christmas Day.
While some folks in Africa will luckily have water,
If they walk four miles to the well and back in a day.

When you drift off to sleep after your hearty meal,
Give a thought to those too stressed to snooze.
Please offer a helping hand whenever you can.
Different circumstances and you’re in their shoes!

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