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Eight billion people on earth and every one unique.
Lots are Christians, others Jews and some are Sikh.
Countless are humanists and do good as they go.
Some care only about themselves and sink so low.
Every last one of us came from our mothers.
Almost all of us seek the company of others.
Some of us will fall at the very first fence.
Others are resilient to what life presents.
One may be a cheetah and another a snail.
A few of us will succeed but lots will fail.
Each of us has their own family, friends and goals.
Some just seek water but others strive for a Rolls.
You may be running away, seeking something better.
Another runs toward something, being a go-getter.
Although we are all in the very same game,
The cards we’re given are certainly not the same.
My name might be Francis or Diallo or Imani.
I may be blond or black, thick set or scrawny.
My tears and crying sounds are the same as yours.
I feel the same pain as you from identical sores.
Our skin may be different, but our blood is not.
And when put in the ground each one of us will rot.

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