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Old Clothes
Old Clothes

Hello once again my dear old friends.
Somewhat slim trousers and rather tight shirts.
I hope to wear you again one day soon,
But at the moment trying you on hurts.

Thanks for the hanging around you’ve done,
Waiting patiently for me to squeeze into you.
I eye you longingly each and every day.
Occasionally I think we have a break through.

It will be a triumphant notch on my belt,
When I put on my corduroys once again.
They’ve been anticipating me for far too long,
In that transparent, yellowing cellophane.

My lovely shoes, you have become too tight.
You’ve carried me loyally to places of wonder,
Like South America, Asia and all over Europe,
And for a time, on Bondi Beach, down under.

Two options are staring me square in the face.
Get slimmer or put them all in a clothes bank.
Sadly, I fear it will be charity option I choose.
I’m not going to lose all that weight, let’s be frank.

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