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My Personal Assistant
My Personal Assistant

I couldn’t be without my computer
For me it’s like a personal tutor
It’s an entrance to the world-wide web
I can hide my identity and be a celeb

It gives me access to a dating App
Where I can say I’m a handsome chap
And I can find a perfect match
If she stands out from the latest batch

It books me flights, hotels and more
It helps me learn how not to snore
I can see my friends if I use Zoom
Even if they’re in the other room

It serves up news and entertainment
It will tell me if there’s been a derailment
It’s a book, a DVD, a newspaper, a TV
And much of it comes totally free

It texts, emails, and even writes a letter
Use it to shop and buy a sweater
Be creative, make a film, design a poster
Experience a ride on a roller coaster

I couldn’t be without my personal assistant
But unlike a human it’s not water-resistant
It’s my unequivocally supportive friend
Something on which I’ve come to depend

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