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Monday 13th November - Aunty-Bullying Week
Monday 13th November - Aunty-Bullying Week

It really is quite dreadful,
Bullying of any kind.
Having an ‘aunty-bullying week’,
Is a step too far to my mind.

No-one should bully their aunty,
Their uncle or their mum or dad.
Thought of ‘an aunty-bulling week’,
It quite simply just plain bad.

What have aunties done,
To deserve this persecution?
If they’ve been naughty.
Why not give them absolution.

How would those people feel.
The ones who name the week?
If we started bullying them,
I bet for sure they’d squeak.

So, leave our aunties alone,
Or we’ll come after you.
With an ‘anti-week namer’ week
Either that or we will sue.

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