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Lovely Words
Lovely Words

How lovely is the word ‘much’?
Warm and soft to the touch.
Like lifting a duckling from the hutch.
Warm and peaceful for me to clutch.

How gorgeous is the word ‘plump’?
Like a pillow on which I can slump
To be for a while an exhausted lump.
While repositioning my ample rump.

How agreeably inviting is the word ‘snug’?
Similar to spooning and a long, tender hug.
Sitting in front of the fire on a deep pile rug
My hands clasped around a warm cocoa mug.

How pacifying is the word ‘gentle’?
It’s very nearly transcendental.
Completely and utterly non-judgemental.
Something about it is quite parental.

How soothing is the word ‘tender’?
Of course, it transcends either gender.
A feeling to which I‘d happily surrender.
If I was in the arms of a girl called Brenda.

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