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Lovely Idioms
Lovely Idioms

What a lovely phrase is, ‘A bag of nerves.’
It paints the picture so exceptionally well.
You can feel for the person who’s in a state.
It captures their unwell-being in a nutshell.

What a gorgeous phrase is, ‘By the skin of your teeth.’
That person’s just made it by a split second.
They may well have puffed and panted,
And for them failure nearly beckoned.

What a striking phrase is, ‘Go down in flames.’
Someone has undoubtedly spectacularly failed.
There’s may have been a well-publicised affair.
Indeed they may have ended up being jailed.

What a salient phrase is, ‘Sat on the fence.’
The word uncommitted springs to mind.
This person has weighed the opinions equally.
Or when asked their own view they’ve declined.

What a relatable phrase is, ‘Spill the beans.’
Injudiciously a secret has been revealed.
Instead of retaining another’s confidence.
Someone just couldn’t keep their lips sealed.

What an arresting phrase is, ‘To pull someone’s leg.’
To kid them along, to play on them a prank.
To try and have them believe a falsehood.
Like, ‘We’ve just run out of Sauvignon Blanc’.

What a pertinent phrase is, ‘Through thick and thin.’
To those who’ve been together through tribulations.
They’ve surely shared the stresses and strains.
Hopefully it’s probably strengthened their relations.

What a relevant phrase is, ‘Jump on the bandwagon.’
For those supporting a new political party or Man City.
They are very keen to join something fashionable.
But, you have to say their actions just ain’t pretty.

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