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Joe Root
Joe Root

The crack of the willow, the stamp of the boot.
The roar of the crowd and that's a four for Root.
He's captain courageous, having to save us again.
He's in commanding form and so he takes the strain.

The Aussies are strident, they've four out already.
Amid the mayhem Joe stays steady.
He takes two to long-on and then sweeps for four.
It's the last of the over but he wants some more.

He takes guard again; his defence is unshakable.
He's hit by a bouncer, but Joe is unbreakable.
He's composed and ready to go once again.
A tap to mid-on and he's off like a train.

A change of bowler and now it's Starc.
No need to worry, Joe's play is hallmark.
Starc's line and length would worry most.
Not Joe of course, he’ll have him on toast.

He reaches fifty and raises his bat with a grin.
He takes guard again as the Aussies turn to spin.
Nathan Lyons comes on and one keeps low.
But nothing to worry about for our man Joe.

We're six down now but Joe stands firm.
Lyon gets turn that would make most men squirm.
Joe blocks three and then comes down the wicket.
A six into the pavilion, that's the ticket.

He reaches his ton and he's saved the day
Nine men down but it's the end of play.
Joe is lauded and quite rightly so
He's the ace in our pack, our generalissimo.

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