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Drones give you a different look on life
And show you what it’s like to be a bird.
They make hardly any noise at all
And creep up on you unheard.

When power is low, they return to base.
They can be programmed for a flight.
To protect the planes and not be a nuisance.
They have to stay below 400 feet in height.

However, it’s not the drones that cause the grief.
It’s some of their anorak owners.
They like to spy on unsuspecting folks,
Because they’re wayward little loners.

Some have caused mayhem at airports.
They’ve been serious security threats.
Happily, these days more and more
Are being trapped in police drone nets.

Do have fun, don’t abuse others.
Keep your drone on a tight rein.
If you don’t like that don’t drone on.
Sell the damn thing, you birdbrain.

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