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Crossing the Mersey
Crossing the Mersey

From Liverpool to the Wirral.
Merseyrail and two tunnels.
A ferry boat to Seacombe,
Packed to the gunnels.

The tunnels were opened,
More than 30 years apart.
When they were created,
Both were great works of art.

Wirral and North Wales,
Were given access at last,
To Liverpool City Centre.
Not that easy in the past.

Tolls were only temporary,
So the politicians said.
90 years later,
And it’s two quid a head.

The Wirral Line is great.
It’s regular and quick.
A pensioner pays nothing.
That’s certainly the trick.

New trains are coming.
They’ll soon be on our line.
Keep that pensioner’s rate,
And we’ll all be fine.

The ferry now is restricted.
No weekend commutes at all.
Sailing just Monday to Friday,
That’s been its downfall.

Royal Iris and the Snowdrop,
Are the last two sailing.
Ferries first began in 1150,
And since then have been unfailing.

Connections across the Mersey.
A lifeline for many a soul.
Many challenges confronted.
But well worth it on the whole.

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