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Corona Virus
Corona Virus

Masks, elbow coughs and keeping your distance.
20 second hand washing and a lateral flow test.
Patrick Vallance, V V D and Chris Whitty.
Anti-vaxers, protesters and all the rest.

Jabs and boosters and rates of infection.
Daily figures and three-month trends.
Confirmed cases, people in hospital.
PCR tests and remote learning - it never ends.

Deaths within 28 days of a positive test.
Hospitalisation, ventilators, and intensive care.
NHS Apps and vaccine certificates.
No visitors to see the dying is just not fair.

“Next slide please”, and track and trace.
Clapping for the NHS on a Thursday night.
Furlough and working from home.
Parties at Number 10 is just not right.

Telephone consultations with your Doctor.
Long Covid and sanitiser gel.
Eat out to help out.
Pubs and clubs are closing - things aren't well.

Phizer, Astro and Moderna.
Covid 19 is here to stay.
It's changed the World,
And we've got to live with it they say.

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