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Celebrated Artists
Celebrated Artists

Van Gogh, with one ear, couldn’t hear the applause as his painting was unveiled.
Jackson Pollock simply splashed paint on a canvas, took a step back and exhaled.
Lowry didn’t care if his matchstick men were loved or if they were loathed.
Edgar Degas had a penchant for painting ladies who were invariably unclothed.

Turner loved seascapes with The Fighting Temeraire the most famous of all.
Caravaggio’s painted violent struggles and personally he loved a good brawl.
Salvador Dali famously created a surrealist lobster telephone and melting clocks.
Andy Warhol teased us all with Marilyn Monroe, soup cans, and a Brillo box.

Monet’s garden of flowers at Giverny became as famous as the painter himself.
The Mona Lisa doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she’s been left on the self.
Pablo Picasso’s got mouths, noses, eyes and ears all in the wrong place.
Botticelli loved to paint plump women and some said he was a disgrace.

Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring is a prized exhibit in The Hague.
Edvard Munch painted The Scream but the reason why is rather vague.
Klimt gave us The Kiss, his goldleaf depiction of a man and his madam.
Michelangelo spent four years at a ceiling painting the Creation of Adam.

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