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Another Messiah
Another Messiah

Like sunshine a new Messiah has come and gone.
His religion ignited our lives and gave us hope.
Vivacious and strong. We believed once again.
When he spoke we knew this wasn’t soft-soap.

He preached he could put us back on our perch.
He was right and that’s where we now stand.
The normal one made us mentality monsters.
Once again, we are the best in all the land.

He made all our Saturdays a joy to behold.
As we gathered point, after point, after point.
His teeth and his smile are as big as a rainbow.
Yes, of course, it’s Jurgen we want to anoint.

Erect a statue or give him freedom of the city,
To show our appreciation at what he’s achieved.
Next season will be sad, we’ll miss him greatly.
However, all the other teams will be relieved.

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