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A Lament for Jurgen
A Lament for Jurgen

News came about the end of an era.
A lament is an expression of sorrow.
When I heard that Jurgen was leaving,
I thought there might be no tomorrow.

I suppose I’ll get over this dreadful news.
Normality will no doubt be restored in time.
But it is so sad to think he’s there no more.
Fist pumping to the crowd, and in his prime.

Jurgen says he’s just run out of energy.
The pressure has just sapped him dry.
I can understand how he must feel.
We must applaud him and say goodbye.

He rejuvenated Liverpool Football Club.
With both hands he grasped the opportunity.
Like Shankly, another man of the people,
He connected with the Liverpool community.

We’ll remember what Jurgen has achieved.
It’s been more than winning football games.
He’s won our hearts as well as our minds.
That was no doubt one of his first aims.

While remembering Jurgen we must move on.
There’s a new manager now having a shot.
Very soon we’ll all be cheering and chanting.
At the top of our voices, ‘There’s only one Arne Slot.’

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