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A Day at Partick Thistle
A Day at Partick Thistle

We’ve been to Glasgow to see the Thistle.
To the Fairhill Stadium we did venture.
Against Arbroath the Jags pitted their wits.
The day was an exhilarating adventure.

The result was disappointing, sadly a 3-0 loss.
This friendly club deserves much more.
Especially those fans in the Lambie Stand,
With their, ‘We all follow the Thistle’ roar.

Stemming from a young child’s imagination,
Kingsley is the mascot, yellow and in a kilt.
He could frighten the life from the opposition.
Kingsley up front, their centre back would wilt.

Volunteers contribute to this lovely club.
Mentions go to Graham and his pal Billy.
Their knowledge and efforts are amazing.
It’s their life, even when the weather is chilly.

We shared our afternoon with Thistle fans.
Callum and Tom, supporters and brothers.
Knowledgeable and fair and great company.
Personification, no doubt, of all the others.

This club now is a real favourite for us.
We’ve bonded well with Partick Thistle.
We’re sure to set foot in Fairhill again.
To see them victorious at the final whistle.

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