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In Memory of Those Who Answered the Call


Patrick Horn

Patrick claims he is an 'old dodderer' from Parbold in Lancashire.

In England it is Autumn,
In America it’s the Fall,
But in November, we remember,
Those who answered the Call.

Just as we remember, remember,
The fifth of November, together with the plot,
We, all of us. should remember,
Those who gave their all; gave everything they’d got.

So many willingly answered the call,
Many were damaged, some beyond recall,
Whilst others, so many, didn’t even make it home,
We owe so much, our freedom, everything, to them all.

They did their duty, and more beside,
At home and in lands afar,
To make the world a safer place,
And to see an end to war.

But war continues, around the globe,
Some in places that we know, and many that we don’t,
Resulting in death, injury, and destruction,
Leaving millions in conditions of want.

So, we owe a great debt to those,
Who bravely answered the Call,
To the injured and the damaged,
And to those who took the Fall.

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