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A goblin, a horrid little creature, with a face of greeny brown._Huge, hairy eyebrows that
Being Fifty


Chris Whelan

Chris is a die hard Liverpool FC fan

A grand old age, the big 5 - 0
Attempts to get frisky, the wife says No
The belly sags, the bones will creak
Up in the night for another leak

The reclining chair, just for me
The eyelids drop, I no longer see
Wake up now the dog to take out
Its exercise I’m told, there is no doubt

An excited child the weekend’s here
Any excuse to drink loads of beer
Playing and watching the grand old game
The WhatsApp groups ping again and again

The big 5 - 0, the Saga holiday
Seniors insurance, the less I should pay
The little blue pill I may need sometime soon
The wife says YES – FANTASTIC BOOM!!

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