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Ways to Say All is Well
Ways to Say All is Well

There are many ways to say everything is fine
‘I’m over the moon’ and ‘I Can’t complain’ are two
And of course, the best time to express how you’re feeling
Is when you and a friend are sharing a brew

Youngsters these days today like to say ‘I’m good’
I reply by saying I didn’t ask if you misbehave
They stop for a moment, look at me quizzically
And then gently give me a wave

What on earth is wrong with ‘I’m in fine fettle’
And what about ‘I’m A-Okay’ or ‘Tickety Boo’
For any of these phrases to mean much these days?
Depends on the age of the person you're talking to

Language changes from generation to generation
We all have phrases for things only we understand
Saying ‘Not too shabby’, ‘Top of the word’ and ‘On cloud 9’
Would have youth today thinking we’re from another land

‘Hunky Dory’ has them scratching their heads
‘Full of the Joys of Spring’ has them looking perplexed
If you don’t say ‘I’m sound’ or ‘I’m Boss’
You’ll need to explain what you mean in a text

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