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What Would I Take to the Repair Shop
What Would I Take to the Repair Shop

What on earth would I take to the Repair Shop?
Maybe that old-fashioned worn-out tank-top,
Or that broken hair trimmer from a barbershop?
Perhaps the hat worn in that hotel by the bellhop?

That cuckoo clock could do with some attention.
Then there’s that go-cart with a bust suspension.
There’s that torn copy of the Geneva Convention.
Though that may be the source of some contention.

I’d like to have my very first calculator restored.
The broken hinge needs fixing on my clapperboard.
There’s also that pocket watch owned by my landlord.
I may take in that radio that’s missing its circuit board.

Suzi works with many kinds of leather.
Steve repairs clocks feeling under the weather
Kirsten restores ceramics as a light as a feather.
And Dean is the shoe man who cobbles things together.

Dominic tackles anything that’s metal.
Matt fixes wood that’s not in fine fettle.
Brenton’s a silversmith who grasps the nettle
Jay’s job is simple - he puts on the kettle.

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