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My Mother and Music
My Mother and Music

When Paul sang ‘She Loves You’ and shook his mop of hair,
My mother said, ‘They’ll never last, they haven’t got a prayer.’
Eventually, she changed her view and found them quite appealing
But when The Sex Pistols came along she hit the flippin’ ceiling.

She enjoyed The Bay City Rollers and was into The Carpenters for sure.
She would sing along to Top of the World and Yesterday Once More.
She was thrown sideways when Alice Cooper entered with his snake.
When Eminem and rap came along, she said, ‘For goodness sake.’

My mother was the barometer of pop, the guardian of middle of the road.
Glenn Miller, The Platters and Frank Sinatra were generally her mode.
Nonetheless, ABBA made an impression along with Barry White.
She claims, however, that Kiss and ZZ Top gave her a hell of a fright.

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