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Can You Still?
Can You Still?

Can you still buy dubbin, wooden clothes pegs and Aunt Sally,
Can you still get the shopkeeper to put things on your tally?
Can you still buy video tapes, 35mm film and winklepickers?
Doing handstands do girls still tuck their skirts in to their knickers?
Can you still buy an instamatic camera, a floppy disc or five woodbines?
When you go out on a Saturday do you still get done up to the nines?
Do boys still wear school caps? Can you still buy opera glasses?
Do you still use a typewriter? Is religion still the opiate of the masses?
Are mobile phones still the size of a brick? Anyone still have a telephone book?
Do people still have slide projectors? Is Arthur Daley still a bit of a crook?
Do parents ever say no to a child? Do you ever see a telephone box?
Do we ever get a pea soup fog? Does your mum still darn your socks?
Do you remember the whistle and squeak of a dial up modem?
When you get paid do you still give your Mum and Dad what you owe ‘em.
Do kids still sing the ‘We Are the Minors of ABC’ at the Saturday pictures?
Do The Three Stooges and Abbot and Costello still have you in stiches?
Do you still use ounces, pounds and stones? Do you ever see a car full of rust?
Do shops still close on Wednesday afternoon? Do you still have jam on a crust?
Can you still get telephones with a rotary dial? Is James Bond still the ultimate spy?
Can you still buy cassettes? Do we still raise our hat’s when a hearse passes by?

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