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When You Were Little
When You Were Little

Remember when you were little and everything else was big?
For me the climbing frame at nursery was taller than an oil rig.

Remember when you played in the back garden as a tot?
And your mum approached you with a hanky for your snot.

Do you remember when you were on your three-wheeler?
Your dad had no oil when the front wheel was a squealer.

Remember when two ounces of dolly-mixtures lasted ages?
You couldn’t have any till Thursday when dad got his wages.

Remember when the bin-men wore brown leather pinnies?
Mum would shout ‘Get the bin out, here are the binnies.’

Remember your first visit to the barbers for a haircut?
You had no say whatsoever, you kept you mouth shut.

Remember joining the cubs and being made up you got a cap?
And your efforts on Bob-a-Job week would earn you a clap.

Remember when you got your cycling proficiency certificate?
And your mum was so proud she got it copied in triplicate.

Remember on your steering cart using your heels as a brake?
When you went too fast the wheels, and the seat would shake.

Remember when we had no remote control for the TV?
It was your job was to change channel, and make the tea.

Remember the rag-and-bone man and he who sharpened knives?
And when your mum and dad knew all about your neighbours’ lives.

Do you remember pairs of shoes hanging from the lamppost?
And for your dinner and your tea you’d be given beans on toast.

Remember playing ollies and conkers and having a well-worn sixer?
And us all having encyclopaedias because we didn’t have Alexa.

Remember the swings, the slide and monkey bars in the park?
You’d also play footy there from early morning till it was dark.

Do you remember getting money back on jam jars you returned?
You didn’t have Saturday jobs then, that was the way you earned.

Remember making your own deccies at Christmas out of crepe paper?
And lighting the fire each day with a tightly rolled piece of newspaper.

Remember waiting outside the pub for your dad to finish his pint?
If you were lucky you’d get crisps and a coke and told to sit tight.

Remember hearing the ice cream van and you’d run in case you missed it?
I’d have to fetch a 99 with a flake, a wafer ice cream, and a strawberry split.

Remember when you were tiny and everything else was titanic?
When life was so gentle and calm, these days life is just manic.

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