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Tickle Me
Tickle Me

Tickle me, tickle me, tickle me please
That’s not a tickle, that’s a squeeze
Good God no, not the soles of my feet
You, no good, wicked, flaming cheat

Tickle my neck but don’t be too forceful
I’ll be angry and you’ll be remorseful
Tickle my ribs and don’t stop when I say
Only stop tickling when I start to pray

Tickle my palms it makes me prickly
I can’t stand it for long so do it quickly
Tickle me here, the inside of my arm
That’s so lovely, it works like a charm

That’s enough of tickling me now
If you don’t, I’ll swing for you, I vow
I’m not prepared to squirm any more
Help me up from the bedroom floor

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