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Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent

“Ladies and gentlemen. You're in for a real treat tonight.
Let me introduce you to the best band on earth or in heaven.

Our backing singers... are the wonderful - Mama Cass, Karen Carpenter, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and Ms Whitney Houston.

On rhythm guitars, tambourines, hand claps and backing vocals - the incomparable Ricky Nelson, Mark Bolan, Bob Marley, Buddy Holly
and the marvellous Mr John Lennon.

Playing lead guitars, we have the magnificent Brian Jones
and the incredible Jimi Hendrix.

On drums is the uncontrollable, incorrigible
and totally engaging Mr Keith Moon.

And finally on lead vocals we have three of the best showmen
that ever lived, or died... the astounding Marvin Gaye
the awesome Freddie Mercury, and the astonishing Elvis Presley.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.... the supergroup.... Heaven Sent.”

In various ways they've all been taken.
Everyone under fifty when they died.
We have all been dreadfully robbed.
When Elvis passed away, I cried.

Such pleasure they gave to all of us.
Many memories of them remain.
Not to see them perform once more,
Is our loss but heaven's gain.

So, to the great promoter up there in the sky.
Please look after this super band.
Keep them playing and singing songs,
Until we see them once again, first-hand.

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