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Girls Are Great
Girls Are Great

Curly hair, dark hair, blond hair, a bob
Don’t girls make your poor heart throb
Long hair, short hair, brown hair, a bun
Surely you agree - girls are so much fun

Shy ones, forward ones, defiant as well
Pretty ones, plain ones - that lovey smell
Gentle ones, rough ones, submissive too
Unfailingly they send you all askew

Slow, fast and occasionally demanding
Somehow, they tend to defy understanding
Some are persuasive, others go with the flow
A few dream of camping but some a chateau

They dress to impress and most often succeed
There are those that follow and those that lead
Hard ones, soft ones, and those in between
But habitually they all take time to preen

Streaks of purple, ringlets, a French braid
However they appear they’re all top grade
Pigtails or a pony tail, a figure of eight
Let’s all roundly agree - girls are great!

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