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A Good Book
A Good Book

There’s nothing like a good book.
Its smell, its feel, not least its look.
Whether mystery, sci-fi or romance.
A good book is not good by chance.

The author’s skilfully crafted tale.
Apprehends you wholesale.
Is there a twist, a turn a surprise?
Perhaps this time the good guy dies.

Each character gets a full back story.
Be they gay, a detective or a tory.
The scene is set, the plot can unfold.
One chapter in and it’s got a hold.

Descriptions are rich and pulsating.
The metaphors, they’re scintillating.
Whilst sitting in your armchair.
The author transports you there.

Feelings are very well assembled.
Like when his true love trembled.
A good book has you thoughtful at the end.
Wanting to share it with a friend.

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