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They’ve babysat, funded you and taxied.
Attended open evenings and recitals.
Ferried you to and from appointments.
Sat beside you monitoring your vitals.

They’ve listened to your tales of woe.
Bathed wounds, soothed sores, dried tears.
Put your name on family heirlooms.
Talked through your irrational fears.

They hung in there when the going got tough.
Sheltered you when you needed sanctuary.
Been mediators, referees and negotiators.
Calmed things when you were contrary.

They’ve had your back so many different times.
Stood up for you when you’ve been under fire.
Smiled and laughed till you’ve cried together.
Defended you when you were called a liar.

Enjoy your grandparents while you can .
As they fade with each passing decade.
Before too long they’ll just be memories.
Saying you love them is their accolade.

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