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Little E and the 13 Papadums
Little E and the 13 Papadums

Little E loves his grub!

“Thirteen papadums and a chutney tray please.”
The waiter looks quizzical but keen to appease.
“More onions and not so much of the pickled lime.”
We acquiesce as Little E requests this every time.

“Who is the extra papadum for,” you gently enquire.
Little E of course. That tasty number 13 is his desire.
Three each is enough for the rest of us, but not him.
He loves his grub and keeps his belly full to the brim.

He’ll follow them down with a cold pint of Cobra.
Even though its extremely chilly and late October.
What he chooses for his main is of little matter.
As long as the papadums are somewhat flatter.

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