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Wide Awake
Wide Awake

The clock says it’s 2.47 and I’m wide awake
Shall I turn on the radio or get up and bake?
There’s nothing quite like a late-night cake
If I eat it slowly, I can watch the day break

Spray my pillow, wear a mask, try again
Everything I do turns out to be in vain
Sleep deprivation is an horrendous strain
If I get no joy my next stop will be cocaine

A meditation, waves on a shore, a waterfall
If these don’t work, I’ll go on a pub crawl
Each day I dread the onset of night fall
I just can’t get to sleep, who shall I call?

I’ve bought a lower tog duvet to get some sleep
I’ve dropped the temperature, counted sheep
Turned off every device so I can’t hear a peep
Into my duck down pillows, I just weep

What about the gentle sound of raindrops?
Having just one eye to close like Cyclops
Maybe a gentle walk to the all-night shops
Where I’ll get myself some knockout drops

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