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Sharpening Pencils
Sharpening Pencils

Do you find something else to do instead when there’s a deadline ahead?
Like emptying the bins rather than start an essay.
Do you postpone and deflect?
And before you know it it’s already midday.

Do promise yourself it won’t happen again, but it does?
Do you find something easy rather than face the task in hand?
Do you push back the start of a job that’s important and tough?
And do something instead that’s totally unplanned.

Does that task get moved down your list of things to do?
As easier jobs rise to the top.
Do you do anything but the job to be done?
Even though you keep saying ‘come on chop-chop’.

I’ll clean the windows before starting that report.
I’ll tidy my bookcase and make a cup of tea.
I’ll sharpen my pencils one more time.
And when I think I’m ready I decide I need a wee.

My pencils are now only one inch long.
My windows gleam so bright.
There’s not a speck of dust on my desk.
But clearly something’s not right.

Procrastinators are three types they say.
And I think I’m a combination of all three.
The easily distractible, perfectionists and delayers.
Starting a job without hesitation - that isn’t me.

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