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There’s a fine line between hoarding and collecting.
People collect strange things you weren’t expecting.
Like the chap who collects labels from bars of rock.
And the man who saves footprints from livestock.

A hoarder acquires an excessive amount of stuff.
Stores it messily and doesn’t know when it’s ‘enough’.
A collector however keeps things of just one type.
Plastic ducks, bowling balls and lengths of pipe.

There are those who hoard books, clocks, Tupperware.
Many store newspapers and clothing they’ll never wear.
Some folks have fine collections of flasks full of toddy.
One man has things doctors found in the human body.

Stamps, medals and garden gnomes are run of the mill.
Someone madly collects grinding stones from a windmill.
If you think you’re a collector but verging on a hoarder.
You’ll know for certain when you receive a court order.

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